Custom Ear Molds

Custom Earmolds

How often do you take your hearing for granted? For professionals and hobbyists that are exposed to prolonged loud noise, it may be entirely too often. Musicians, pilots, hunting enthusiasts, construction workers, swimmers, athletes, and more are subjected to sudden and continual loud noises. If left unchecked, exposure can lead to hearing loss. While many people believe that store-bought earplugs are enough, custom earmold from Oakland Vision & Hearing Center offers superior protection and comfort.

At Oakland Vision & Hearing Center, we can create full shell and half shell earmolds depending on your need. Our custom earmolds have a noise reduction rating of up to 25dB to protect you from noises created by motorcycles, garbage trucks, chainsaws, drills, and more. Ear plugs are also excellent for patients who spend a lot of time in the water, such as competitive swimmers and lifeguards.

Attenuator Advantage

While protection against extreme noises is important, for professionals it shouldn’t mean compromising verbal communication. With the attenuator adapter, you will be able to listen to and communicate with those around you, while still protecting your ears. Attenuator earmold come in both electronic and non-electronic models.