Order Contacts Online

Oakland Vision & Hearing Center is here to make ordering your new contacts seamless and easy. PLEASE NOTE: ANYBODY WITH A VALID CONTACT LENS PRESCRIPTION CAN ORDERS CONTACTS THROUGH THE LINKS PROVIDED BELOW. That’s right, even if you are not a patient or customer at Oakland Vision & Hearing, you can still order contacts through our online portal. The process is effortless, transparent, and convenient and the prices are competitive.
Patients get the simple and convenient contact lens ordering experience they have come to expect from online retailers — offered by their eye doctor's practice. With MARLO, patients stay connected with their doctors throughout the eye care journey. It’s a quick, simple and easy ordering process and your contacts will get delivered right to your door. These portals are all things contacts….keep a record of your purchases, convenient reordering and a huge selection and affordable rate.
Give it a try…it’s easier than your think!